We are Diamond Insurance Group

Diamond is a distinctive insurance carrier providing workers’ compensation coverage for the healthcare industry. Formed in 1996 by healthcare and insurance professionals, we set out to make a difference. By continually improving our products and services, Diamond Insurance has set and raised the standard for workers' compensation insurance for healthcare.

Our foundation in the healthcare niche and solid agency partnerships have more recently provided the opportunity to build and grow into other industries while maintaining the Diamond tradition of superior customer service. We have also established partnerships that will allow you to access Diamond’s products and services throughout most of the United States.

We match our expertise with your risk management needs to customize insurance plans that can save you precious time, money, and staff.

There simply is no other insurance company like us.

We provide the following products and service solutions tailored to your exact needs.

Workers' Compensation

We offer a range of underwriting plans with a variety of deductible options.

Loss Prevention Programs

The Diamond Loss Prevention model caters to operators who are looking for a true consultant to help reduce employee injuries, and not just a list of recommendations.


Managing workers’ compensation claims is not an easy business. The outset of each claim offers unique medical challenges, requires customized investigations and thoughtful action planning.

Workers' Compensation

We offer a variety of workers' compensation products tailored to your capacity and risk-tolerance as well as the state in which your company resides.

Guaranteed Cost Policy

Guaranteed cost policies offer the security of a flat annual premium with first-dollar coverage.

Small Deductible Policy

These policies provide the employer with a reduced premium in exchange for retaining a small portion of risk in the form of a deductible amount for each claim.

Large Deductible Policy

Larger employers with significant capitalization may qualify for a large deductible policy. These policies offer many of the benefits of self-insurance as the insurer assumes a sizable amount of the cost of each claim. The employer also benefits from Diamond's claims and loss prevention services and enjoys cash-flow advantages compared with first-dollar insurance programs.

Retrospectively Rated Policy

Retro's are also designed with larger employers in mind. The final premium is based on the employer's own workers' compensation losses during the policy period.

Retention Policy

Retention policies, also known as dividends, provide a return in premium several months after the policy expires if the losses are less than estimated.

Loss Prevention

Our Loss Prevention Team is comprised of real healthcare professionals who understand both business operations and the risks and exposures you face. Because of this expertise in both healthcare and workers' compensation we do not simply identify your problems; we actively work with you on their solutions. Below is a small sample of some of the services we provide.

Limited Lift

Strains and sprains related to manual transfers of residents and patients continue to drive workers' compensation losses in the healthcare industry. Our Limited Lift program reduces these claims by drastically reducing manual transfers.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

Because slips, trips, and falls have a variety of causes they may require a variety of solutions. Our loss prevention consultants will help identify your most significant exposures and help you take steps to minimize the risk.

Hiring Practices

Your hiring practices can be a major factor in preventing workers' compensation losses. Hiring the right employees who are capable of performing their assigned tasks is essential. We can assist you with your employee selection processes.

Return to Work

We recognize the critical nature of providing modified or transitional duties to injured workers returning to work. Making sure your program is properly structured and supervised will have a significant impact on the success of the plan. Our consultants are experienced in tailoring plans to suit your exact needs.

Safety Committee Development

Does your safety committee just go through the motions, or are they vigilant in identifying and addressing issues where safety may be compromised? Is your accident investigation process truly identifying the root issues with accidents and helping to hold workers accountable? Diamond consultants are here to assist you.

Hazard Identification and Control

Our consultants were healthcare professionals before becoming insurance professionals. Diamond consultants have over 30 years of collective experience in the healthcare industry. We know the potential risks, the challenges you face and the greatest areas of opportunity to improve employee safety and reduce the frequency of workers' compensation claims.

Claims Management

Our in-house team is dedicated to providing a professional claims management service. Each claim requires a customized investigation and thoughtful action planning. Here are some keys to our success.

Claims Management

Managing workers’ compensation claims is not an easy business. In many respects, our approach is similar to how customers address their residents' and patients' needs. They perform assessments, consult with physicians and the family, and design a plan that meets the needs of the client. In short, our customers have care plans for their residents and each claims professional has a care plan for an injured worker. If claims professionals understand the business of healthcare, they will see their jobs similar to the jobs of our clients. The stakes are as high for us as they are for you.

Early Intervention

The result of a claim is often times a reflection of its beginning. Early intervention through prompt reporting, thorough investigation, and a managed return-to-work program reduce the duration and cost of claims. The Diamond claims professional also manages the return-to-work process beyond the release to modified duty, providing hands-on claims management until the employee has acheived maximium medical improvement.

The Right People

A quote from the Diamond Insurance Company Commitment Statement best communicates our personnel standards: "There is no more important business process than the selection and retention of quality people. They create our brand in the marketplace knowing that their actions define who we are and how we are perceived." Great claims management requires talented people, so your people receive the care and attention they deserve.


Our ability to respond to your needs and communicate vital claims information in a timely and efficient manner is a cornerstone of our claims department. We look forward to the opportunity to exceed your expectations of top-notch customer service.

Cost Control

Diamond Insurance Company watches its claims with the care and attention deserving of the largest line item on the company’s income statement. That means your success is our success. Reducing claims costs is an attitude that starts at the top of the company, and our claims professionals embrace that attitude. The Diamond claims professional is a money manager treating your claims dollars as if it were their own money.
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